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About the project

The aim of this project is visualization, documentation and recognition of acquired competences in the field of volunteering and developing an online tool for validation of volunteering competences.



The project has adopted an individual perspective instead of an institutional one because the consortium is not going to target the education system, but focuses on individual volunteers, instead. For this reason the consortium is focused on the quadrants from seven up to twelve in the matrix on the left-hand side. Concerning the micro, meso and macro levels, the project focuses on the first two levels. Within the micro level we shall concentrate on modelling, which means the focus is on the tools or instruments for validating learning outcomes. The meso level, on the other hand, presents the perspective of the stakeholders, which means that the meso level includes the stakeholders in the education sector. In the context of validation, stakeholders playing a role within the meso level include practitioners, managers, administrators and academics. The macro level, also called the perspective of the education system, focuses on the country-specific education systems. This can be the base for national development, where each stakeholder is responsible for its own change and implementation.‚Äč


  • collecting, comparing and disseminate information about National Qualification Frameworks, their relation to the European Qualification Framework, and about validation tools. Download NQF Analysis
  • improving access to and information about validation (tools) for disadvantaged groups by creating a website and an ebook, which includes information about different tools and methodologies ( Work in progress )
  • creating an online tool for validation of volunteering competences ( Work in progress )
  • raising awareness of the competences acquired through volunteering and the need for those competences to be validated
  • facilitating the recognition of volunteering competences by relevant stakeholders by engaging them in seminars/conferences. View our events



  • Analysis about EQR and relation to NQFs and embeding volunteering skills into them.
  • Guidline of Validation Methodologies. ( Work in progress )
  • Online Tool for validating volunteering skills online. ( Work in progress )
  • eBook about all information gained through the project and additional articles.