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Destination eValidation for volunteers - Latest news: VVH - Volunteering Validation Highway - final project meeting

Destination Evalidation


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VVH - Volunteering Validation Highway - final project meeting

The project will provide a web page with information about validation in a volunteering context, volunteers' experiences, links to a variety of tools used around Europe with summaries in English, and recommendations on how to best use web-based tools for the validation of volunteers' learning. The project will also contribute to partners' and their learners' perceptions of the validation of volunteers' skills and to partners' abilities to organize validation processes for their learners and other volunteers. As an indirect result both during the project and especially after, many volunteers shall be able to make their skills more visible for employability purposes.

Link: http://vvh.euroinnov.eu/

Validation Tool

Online tool for validation of volunteering competences