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The Geography Society from Romania - Suceava Branch is a young organization from a legal point of view, it was founded on the 16th of June 2010, but the 47 members have been and are still part of the Society of Geography in Romania, founded in 1875, where there worked and are still working over 1200 members from all the counties of Romania, alongside personalities from the academic, research and education fields. 

SGR Suceava is an organization that aims to: develop interest for knowledge for young people and adults, to encourage and promote scientific research, to develop competitive and initiative spirit among young people, to help developing the skills and values among its members and local community, to promote the volunteering.

Our organization has developed its activity in collaboration with other NGOs in the country and in Europe, as well as other institutions involved in education (schools, municipalities, private companies, the training centre, universities) for to promote experience, to excenge examples of good practice, to learn from their experience and to develop among our members and in the
communities they live multiculturalism and human diversity, mutual respect, non-discrimination - European values which are necessary for life in this geographic area. One of our long-term plan targets is to develop internal and external partnerships, expanding collaboration through a cross-sectorial approach that has brought great results and also promoting volunteerism among youth and adults.