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Fundación CV Pacto Empleo Valencia (FCVPE) was created in 2005 by the City Hall of Valencia in agreement with the main social and public institutions of the Region of Valencia: the City Hall of Valencia, two main national Trade Unions (UGT and CC OO) and the main regional Employers' Organizations (CEV).

The main target of FCVPE is supporting people with fewer opportunities, providing them with jobs, training and labour insertion. The target groups are:

- Disabled people.
- Female workers.
- Young people without labour experience
- Unskilled young people
- Long-term unemployed people
- Immigrants
- Gender violence

FCVPE has developed training projects to improve the skills of these particular groups of workers, making easier for them finding a job in our labour market. FCVPE is also involved on different European projects dealing with training, employment, disability young, ICT and immigration.

In 2008 FCVPE created Fet de Vidre, S.L., a "sheltered workshop" in which 20 disabled people work on making handmade articles of glass (

FCVPE created in 2010 another "sheltered workshop" in which 11 disabled people work on different activities, like accounting services, event organization, scanning and document management with SQL database, creating web sites, so on... These disabled workers were previously trained by FCVPE in different courses implemented directly by FCVPE. So the combination of FCVPE and both "sheltered workshops" means that we can fully integrate disabled people into the labour market, leaving a full time familiar life and increasing their participation in the society.

As one of the collectives with highest difficulties to find a job in Spain, young people need a special treatment. FCVPE trains unqualified young people and helps qualified ones to get a first job experience by implementing projects in which there's a good balance between training and job tasks related to their professional orientation. In this way, we've implemented three Leonardo daVinci mobility projects in order to promote the ability of young people of working abroad, providing them with the capacity of working in a different language atmosphere.

We offer long-term unemployed people some different activities, like retraining in projects which combine training and work in new areas.

We also help immigrants to integrate into our society by implementing training and cultural courses. In this way, we're implementing a Grundtvig Partnership called "Active Methods for European Integration".