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The N.G.O. CO.P.E. (EuropeAid ID number: IT-2007-DVA-2711479942) is devoted to the international voluntary service and development cooperation. It was founded in 1983 and it is associated with FOCSIV (the Italian Federation of Christian Organizations of International Voluntary service). It was officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as International Cooperation Actor in 1987.
CO.P.E. 20 members (project manager, trainers, economist, doctors, agronomist, volunteers, etc.) offer their human and technical skills in collaboration with disadvantaged communities to support the enforcement of their self-development. 

CO.P.E. engages itself in:
-providing local and institutional support to cultural and scientific cooperation among European's and third countries’ universities and researches centres, in special in the field of migration, health and HIV, education and early child protection, agriculture and food security;
-organizing programmes of intervention of technical cooperation in favour of communities in developing countries, training and sending volunteers overseas;
- promoting the selection and technical training of young volunteers and adult professionals experiencing a working experience in developing countries;
- awareness rising, awakening public opinion to problems regarding the development of peoples.

The NGO COPE carry out VET activities in benefit of immigrant, lower income people and unemployed women in order to enforce their social inclusion opportunities; carry out awareness rising action challenging the Italian civil society about the meaning of sustainable development, developing cooperation and environmental preservation.

The NGO COPE has thirty years of experience in managing  developing cooperation projects in the following countries: Tanzania, Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Peru.

The NGO COPE share a “quality evaluation system” of both projects and human resources growth with FOCSIV (Italian NGOs federation) and its 60 members. Moreover is partner of the LLP Grundtvig project “Volunteers Validation Highway” challenging the identification of a common methodology for the quality validation of volunteers soft skills.