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Destination eValidation for volunteers - Latest news: Analysis between Europass and Profilpass

Destination Evalidation


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Analysis between Europass and Profilpass

What is the ProfilPASS?
• Instruments that helps you to identify your present qualifications, skills,
and competences
• Lifelong instrument
• Name and grade strengths
--> result: personal profile - collection of all qualifications, skills, and
competences you have acquired
• This profile should help you
• … with your personal or professional reorientation or development
• … to complete application documents
• … to set your personal and professional goals
•  Assessment method: declarative method

What is the Europass?
• Present qualifications, skills, and competences in a comprehensible form
--> Transparency, mobility, and comparability
• Opens the door to learning and work in Europe across all areas including
• higher education study
• training
• job search
• within the scope of salaried employment or freelance work
• Assessment method: portfolio method

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Complete analysis

Validation Tool

Online tool for validation of volunteering competences